The institute of Physiology is located at the No 8 building, beautiful West Campus of Shandong University. Its predecessor is Department of Physiology, Medical School of Cheeloo University, which was founded 1911. Many world famous scientists, such as Prof Qichun Shen and  Prof Zisheng Zhang, worked here in the middle of 20th century.
      There are 18 faculties working here, most of them hold the MSc or PhD degree. We are sociable, friendly and enthusiastic for our work, both research and teaching.
      There four research groups in the institute. Founded by the Natural Scientific Foundation of the nation of Shandong Province, they are conducting excellent research in the area of respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and neuron physiology. Our papers are published at international or outstanding national academic journals, and the achievement is widely recognized by the colleagues abroad.
      We are keen on the international cooperation with scientists abroad. Long-term cooperation have been established with Prof P. S Wang, National Yang-Ming University of Taiwan; Prof Aoki M, Sapporo Medical University, Japanand Prof Paul Enck, director of Medical Research Center, Medical School of Tuebingen University, Germany. We are warmly welcomed the scholars in the same and related area to cooperated with us in the future. If you could spend two weeks to work in Shandong University, we will provide part-time Prof position.
      We are teaching Human Physiology for students of several systems, such as the International Bachelor Medicine, Seven-year Medical Master, Six-year double-bachelor English Medical et al. Because of the nature of Physiology and the hard work of the faculties, most of the students like this course and get high score at the final examination. We recruit 4 C 6 Ph.D candidates and 3 C 5 MSc postgraduates every year. Till the July 2004, 3 student got PhD degree and more than 50 got MSc.
      Welcome to our institution for working, cooperation and study.                    

Institute of Physiology,
Medical School of Shandong University.


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Institute of Physiology, Medicine School, Shandong University